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Habits of the Heart

The new year is here! If you’re making a resolution to be kinder this year, then do I have a couple resources for you! One is They have a way to help you be kinder by doing a 21-day challenge.
I tried it in December and I really liked it. I got a daily email with an idea of something kind to do and also a short message to think about.
Because I do this blog, I spend time researching kindness and charity, but sometimes, I have a hard time thinking of 21 things in a row to do. With this daily reminder, you don’t have to.It’s done for you.
Over the years, I’ve heard different “scientific” ways to make a habit. Doing it for a certain number of days seems to be the most popular answer to that question. Being consistent helps makes habits. But we all need some help with that when it’s something new we want to do.
The 21-day challenge can help you by providing ideas, thoughts and a reminder, but I have another resource that is specifically about how to make new habits.
I re…