My Reminder

Sometimes we all need a reminder. I’m the Volunteer and Charity Guru, but the other day my husband reminded me of what charity is all about.

He and I love Tropical Smoothie, which is a smoothie, salad and sandwich place with lots of veggies and fruits. The great thing about Tropical Smoothie is that everything tastes delicious so you feel good about eating your fruits and veggies.

So when my husband came home with a bunch of coupons for free smoothies and sandwiches, I was excited. I took some for myself and left the rest for him.

Then he told me a couple days later that he went to Tropical Smoothie and got a smoothie, but he didn’t have his coupons. I said, “Well, then what’s the point of having them?”

So, he let me know. He told me that he paid $10 for the coupons because it goes to Camp Sunshine. Tropical Smoothie helps raise funds for Camp Sunshine so kids with serious illnesses and their families can take a break at a beautiful camp in Maine for free.

Tropical Smoothie is also giving away free Jetty Punch smoothies on its National Flip Flop Day June 21 from 2 to 7 pm if you wear your flip flops and visit one of its stores. It’s a nice way to thank their customers and encourage them to donate to Camp Sunshine. Maybe instead of paying for that free smoothie, you could donate $5 to Camp Sunshine.

I’m definitely going to use at least some of those coupons my husband got for us by donating to Camp Sunshine. Tropical Smoothie is just too good. But I’m glad I have a husband who reminds me sometimes that it’s not about getting something for free or a reduced price, it’s about helping those in need.

Thanks, honey!


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