To live and love others

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Today I want to honor a man, a man with a heart after helping others. This man wasn’t trying to be in the spotlight, he just had a heart after God and for showing God’s love to others. He tried to live by Matthew 25:40 and in the twenty years that I knew him, he did. The verse shows us how we should help others as if we were helping Jesus Himself.

The man was named Sandy and he was a kind, gentle, patient and compassionate man, always ready with a smile, a handshake and an encouraging word.

When having lunch with him one day, I overheard the waitress say something to Sandy and found out that he had paid for the dinner of some military service members he had seen in the restaurant. He didn’t want them to know it was him. He just wanted to brighten their day and thank them for their service.

Another memory I have of Sandy is from a few years ago when it was almost Christmas. We wanted to get something special as a present for him. That year he told us that he didn’t need anything but he would like us to give a donation to the Waterfront Rescue Mission in his name because it was doing good and important work helping the homeless.

Recently, I heard another story about Sandy. His neighbor’s husband was gone on a deployment and things kept going wrong for her. Sandy helped unstop her toilet, killed the fire ants in her yard, and helped her get a new car battery and get her car fixed.

You could never outgive Sandy.  He believed in giving cheerfully to his church, his family, his friends and even strangers. He truly embodied the Christian ideal of serving others.

Sandy was such a wonderful model for us and we will miss his smile and his actions in helping others.



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