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Today is the official launch of my new and improved website at or It’s been a busy week for me, with a friend home from the hospital and a brother in law who just went in.  Besides visiting them, I also managed to pass on a kindness card to someone whose lunch I paid for in line behind me at Burger King yesterday.  Helping others feels SO good!     

But I’m really ready to give away a t-shirt.  This month, if you sign up to get my newsletter, then you are entered into the contest to win a smoky blue “Awaken Your Hearts to End Hunger” women’s Sevenly t-shirt. Since I’ll be giving away a Sevenly shirt, I thought I should tell you about what Sevenly does and about a few other places where you can get clothing and support charity at the same time.

What Sevenly does is pretty simple. Each week it designs a shirt for a new cause and then sells them for $22 and gives seven dollars of that to the cause.  As a result, it raises thousands of dollars for a new charity each week while also providing publicity for the cause that week and on an ongoing basis when people wear the t-shirts.  It’s deceivingly simple, yet effective. 

One of the downfalls is that you have to catch the t-shirt during the week it’s offered because it’s not available beyond it.  I have “liked” Sevenly on Facebook so I get a notice of what charity they are supporting each week and a look at the t-shirt.  I wanted to mention that Nice Shirt does the same thing.  They charge $23 and give eight dollars though. So, you have an even greater choice in charities and t-shirts!  I chose the Sevenly t-shirt because it goes along with my theme Helping Hearts for this blog and my website.

Another clothing site that supports charities that’s only been around since 2009 is Meant4More Apparel (M4M).  I love their “I am Meant for More” t-shirt, a reminder that we are all meant for more than just living but instead for loving and helping others.  M4M gives part of its sales to non-profit organizations like American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Freeing American Children from Exploitation and Sexual Slavery, and Girls Education and Mentoring Services.

Another of my favorite sites for clothing (and other gifts) is the Hunger Site.  It has everything from socks and boots to dresses and jackets from all over the world.  It also has links to its partner sites fighting autism, breast cancer, illiteracy and supporting animals, veterans, child health and the rainforest. Each site has gifts and clothing of its own so the variety of one of-a-kind items is amazing. 

Most charities today offer items with their logo on them including t-shirts and ball caps, but I wanted to share a few sites that do a little more than that by supporting various charities and providing more unique items. Happy shopping and please visit my site to sign up to win the Sevenly t-shirt! 

Thanks and God Bless, Anne.


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