Furry, Purry and Fun

What’s soft, furry, purry and gives tons of joy to people around the world? Why, cats, of course. I grew up with cats, starting with a Siamese called Cricket to today’s Tiger striped version named Georgia.  We’ve lost two cats in the last five years so it’s with heartfelt memories that I write today’s blog.

Animal shelters around the country are putting on special events all month in June to celebrate, you guessed it, Adopt a Cat Month.  It’s one way to help that I wholeheartedly support because all of the pets we’ve owned have been shelter or neighborhood cats who otherwise might have been killed at a shelter.

These felines have enriched my life and become part of my family over the years.  My son adopted his own cat and named her Georgia for George Washington a few years ago.  Everyone agrees upon seeing him for five minutes with her that he adores that cat.

I think she’s pretty great, too.  She’s a loud one, for sure, waking up in the morning with a meow and continuing it until she gets fed. But she’s also a lover, rubbing up against your legs as cats do and enjoying a good scratch under her chin.  She’s our baby alright.

The American Humane Association (AHA) has ten tips for cat adoption as well as a Twibbon you can put on your Twitter site and Adopt a Cat wallpaper for free on its website.

Finding local shelters is as easy looking up “Animal Shelters” in your local phone book or online.  Petango also offers a pet matching system with a “Pawsonality” Test but when I took it, it didn’t find any pets for me I think because I live in a small town without a shelter.

Besides visiting the local shelter, you can also find cats at PetSmart which works with local animal shelters to adopt out shelter cats.

You don’t have to adopt a new pet to support Adopt a Cat month.  If you already own a pet, then upload a photo or video of him or her to the Hill’s FoodShelterLove’s YouTube channel to help inspire others to adopt. Hill’s is maker of the popular Science Diet and Prescription Diet food for cats and dogs.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is having its own version of a Cutest Cat Photo Contest as well. Only through Sunday, you can upload a photo of your adorable feline on Facebook and win one of three $300 prize packages.

The ASPCA has a number of programs from mobile adoption centers to animal-assisted therapy.  It even has a Pet Loss Hotline for those mourning the death of a cat. 

Since it was founded to prevent cruelty to animals, you can also take the pledge to do so on their website.  That means you’ll report animal cruelty, support laws against it and get email regarding the latest animal welfare news.

My son also enjoys going to our local cat shelter (we have one just for cats) to pet and give attention to the kitties. It also has a thrift store which we frequent to provide funds for the shelter.

However you support cats this month, I hope you will do something to make your own life better by loving a cat.


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