Dear God

Dear God,

I often wonder what you would have me do to help others. It sometimes seems like I can’t help someone who really needs it, for how does that person find me? And even if he did, how could I truly help in the all ways he might need it? Providing food and money only helps with physical needs when spiritual needs can outweigh those. Someone in the grips of despair has emotional needs, too.

You say that pure religion is caring for widows and orphans. That lets me know that caring for others is important to you, but I don’t have enough money to support another family. Or do I?

One thing that I have found is a way to pool my money with others by sponsoring a child through a group like Compassion International or World Vision. These organizations take the monthly amount I send them and combine it to provide services for many children in one area.

The wonderful thing is I’m not just providing for someone financially whom I’ll never know. I can write to my child and hear back from him. My sponsored child’s father died and I know my sponsorship helps him with many practical things, but I hope my letters also help build his spirit.

What is it like to be totally alone? I think the closest I ever came to that feeling happened when I was 22. I was living in Japan, in a very small town. I couldn’t just call my family any time because of the time difference and cost. I had a few friends there, but no one I had known for very long and no one close by.

Some nights I felt like it was just me. I turned to you, then, God. It’s when I truly found you for the first time. I often wonder if Abdou, our sponsored child, feels that aloneness. I thank God he has his mother. As someone whose husband has been gone for long periods of time like a year when deployed, I know in part what it’s like to be a single mother. But not really. I could still talk to my husband and he was there to help financially.

What if he disappeared tomorrow? I know that sometimes I would feel so alone, so vulnerable. I feel for Abdou’s mother as for him. She’s a widow and she needs my support. One thing for sure, when Steve is gone, I appreciate the people in my life that come alongside me and help with Christopher. He needs someone more than just me as a model. He needs mentors and friends.

I hope that in some small way, we can be that for Abdou. I pray that we will do your will in his life, God, that we will be your hands and feet, that he could come to know You through us.

Love you,


P.S. This is my first post for Compassion International.

P.S. Remember, the Paralympics coverage on NBC is this Sunday. You can also view coverage from its website.


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