Thirteen Ways to Change the World in 2013

Last week I asked you to think about which charities you might want to support in the new year. This week I have thirteen ways to do so. Not all of these ways allow you to choose the charity you benefit, but many of them do so get ready to give back!

1.       Open a savings account with ableBanking and get $25 given to the charity of your choice and a quarter percent of your average balance once a year as well. They are an online bank with no fees so you will be saving money, too!

2.      Give a dime a day to charity without thinking about it. Help Every Day takes what it calls a “coin of compassion” each day, charged monthly to your credit card, to support various charity projects around the world. You don’t miss it, but it’s helping other people.

3.      Like Carrie Underwood, James Taylor, Katy Perry or the Rolling Stones? Then buy your ticket to their concerts at Tickets for Charity and you not only get to see a great show, you will also be supporting a charity.

4.      Have something to say? Do you write a blog or have a website? Then create a lens (or computer site) for your topic and have the royalties from it go to charity. You can do it, at Squidoo.

5.      Did you know research projects need your computer down time? They do and they’re willing to pay for it, pay a charity, that is. That’s what SuperDonate does. While your computer is idle, SuperDonate uses it to solve problems and then gets money for charities for doing so. It’s that easy, and free!

6.      We Give Books does just that. You read a book online, they give one to someone in need.  It’s that easy. It’s meant to encourage reading to young children so get your kids or your friend’s kids and start reading to them!

7.      Need a vacation? Book it through Hotels for Hope and $2 to $5 will go to charity when you do.  

8.     Like shopping? You can choose a charity to receive ten percent of the price of your purchase from

9.      Heard of TOMS One for One plan? If you haven’t, it’s time. TOMS donates one pair of shoes for each pair it sells and eyeglasses or eye saving surgery for each pair of eyeglasses sold, too. 

10.  Take a survey. Fifty cents goes to charity. Take another, fifty more cents goes to a charity you choose. At the same time, you get entered for a chance to win a hundred bucks. That’s why Survey Monkey is great and it lets you pick the charity, too!

11.   Cleaning out for the new year? Try Ebay Giving. You can donate ten to 100 percent of the sale of your stuff to a nonprofit. (Or you can browse items that benefit charities you support and purchase them as well).

12.      Have a smart phone and like to work out? Download the Charity Miles iPhone/Android app that keeps track of your distance as you walk, run or bike and gives money for a charity of your choice. Bikers earn 10 cents per mile. Walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile.

13.      Love magazines? Instead of stealing them from your doctor’s office, get your own subscription and fifty percent of the cost can go to a charity through ReadGive.

Find twelve more free ways to help others on my website Helping Hearts, along with two bonus ways to save money while helping others. Have another great way to help others this year? Tell me! Email me at Happy New Year!


  1. Great charity suggestions! I'm partial to #4 on your list, Squidoo. A portion of my Squidoo page earnings has been going to charity for going on six years now. Wow, does a little bit from a lot of people add up fast!


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