A Challenge!

Next Saturday is the day! The Great Kindness Challenge! I am so excited because I already have an idea for something to do. You see, the church I have been attending is having a ladies’ brunch that day which I have been looking forward to because I am new at the church. I’m eager to meet some other ladies and find out what this church does for missions work.

Since it’s the Great Kindness Challenge, I think I will stop beforehand and get a dozen roses and individually wrap them and give them out to random ladies at the brunch.

What will you do for the Great Kindness Challenge? If you need some ideas, the Kids for Peace, who started the challenge, have a few ideas (25 to be specific) on their website. They range from things like smiling at people and making thank you cards, to cleaning up and planting a tree.

Of course we want to do kind acts every day, but this is a day to help us remember that and give us a few hints on what kinds of things we can do.

I had gotten in the habit of bringing snacks to the guys at our local military base who check your ID when you go in, but since we’ve moved I have forgotten to do that. The Great Kindness Challenge is a reminder of that.

I also have some wonderful Kindness Cards that I can give out so that people for whom I do something can pass the kindness on by doing their own acts of kindness. There’s a new group selling kindness cards that tracks every kindness done. It’s called Think Kindness Cards and they have their own ideas for kindnesses to do as well. They charge $10 for 5 cards, but other groups give them for free or allow you to print them from your computer for free, such as Smile Cards from HelpOthers.org, Spreadkindness.org, Giftofkindness.org, Polishingthepulpit.com, SavingandSharingforChrist.

To find more, just use this search, which shows you what the cards look like and provides a link to the page where you can get them. I’ve also found Kerry Shook Ministries, which sells kindness cards that you can personalize with the name and website of your church. Most of these sites have great suggestions of ideas for kindnesses to try, too!

Maybe you also want to thank people for acts of kindness, so I found some great Thank You cards for acts of kindness by Mummy Adventures which is a crafting blog. These are business-size cards you can carry around to give out as well.

That’s it for today. Start thinking about what kindnesses you can do next Saturday and print out some cards to get ready. You may even want to practice by doing a few this week. God Bless!


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