More Gurus!

Besides doing this blog and my website (, I am the Volunteer and Charity Guru on Facebook where I post interesting tidbits about the charity and volunteering world on a semi-daily basis. At my Facebook page, you can find inspiring stories of people changing the world, links to fun and easy opportunities to do some changing yourself, as well as quotes and videos.

I recently found out I’m not the only guru in the volunteering and charity business. Who knew?  Tom Kelly is the Fundraising Guru on Facebook. We’re joined by the Gap Guru as well.

The more the merrier, I say! Kelly has some great tips for how to start a fundraising organization and how to raise money. His fundraising ideas include how to use QR codes and smartphones, mobile fundraising options and crowdfunding as well as categories like school fundraising, church fundraising, club fundraising, nonprofit fundraising and corporate fundraising.

The Gap Guru specializes in students who are taking a year off after finishing school to do something before beginning to work. They encourage volunteering around in the world in programs for education, conservation, sport coaching or medical volunteering, to name a few. The Gap Guru also has information on internships and teaching abroad.

There is a cost for the volunteering programs, ranging from about $775 to over $2500 depending on the program. They range in length of program from just one week to seven months.

Of course, my tips on volunteering and charity come out once a week on Fridays in my blog as well as during the week on my Facebook page. I happen to be on Twitter as well.

So, if you’re looking for ways to fundraise, volunteer abroad or do fun and easy ways to help charities, the gurus have got you covered!


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