Heroes of 2013

I couldn’t get you a better list of people.

They provide wishes for foster children, fresh fruits and vegetables in “food deserts” and schools for the unschooled.  They clean up rivers, build homes for disabled veterans, empower the poor through dance and help children who are fighting cancer, poverty and a lack of opportunity. They bring computers to those who can’t afford them and electricity to hospitals around the world.

They are the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2013.

For their extraordinary efforts to change the world, each will receive $50,000 and be recognized at a globally broadcast event that airs December 1.

One of the top 10 will receive an additional $250,000 for their cause. That person will be chosen by those who vote for their favorite hero at CNNHeroes.com.

SO, read their stories, and then vote for the one whom you like the best. You can also give to their causes if you feel so inspired.

It’s a great way to start, end, or fill the middle of your day, learning about people who have made it their life goal to help others.

I think my favorite is Danielle Gletow who provides wishes for foster children. Gletow has been a foster mom herself and knows they can’t provide everything a foster child needs.

Her foundation, One Simple Wish, also finds gently worn prom dresses, shoes and handbags for foster teens, provides 24/7 access to baby supplies, personal care items, birthday gifts, and basic needs to children in foster care and those who have aged out of it.

Lastly, she works with foster children aged 16 and up to give them an opportunity to prepare for and get jobs. Living in this world without a family to help you makes it an awful big and lonely world.

Who is your favorite hero?


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