Giving Tuesday

Usually on this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I put out a list of gifts that give, ones that you can buy that help a charity do its work. But this year, I decided that rather than point out what you can buy to help others, I’d like to point out a new tradition—Giving Tuesday. I will still put out my “gifts that give” list, but I felt it had to wait.

During December 3, Giving Tuesday, individuals will start volunteer projects, make online donations and gather at dozens of events to celebrate the start of the holiday giving season by giving back to the causes they care about most. Want to know where some of these events are? Check out Giving Tuesday.

The U.S. White House reports that more than 7000 partners across all 50 states are taking part. Why should you? Well, let’s think about it.

What does the holiday season really mean? Is it just about having a good time with your family and friends? Is it about the gift of love that Jesus brought when he was born? For most people, no matter what religion you are, the holidays are about sharing love in one way or another. You can share love with your family and friends and then take it to the next level—your world.

Many charities get the majority of their donations in these final weeks of the year because people like to give to help others during this time. Many people also volunteer time to help others during this busy season.

I am beginning to work with a new charity myself next week—the American Red Cross. I will be interning with them in the new year. I am really looking forward to learning more about them and helping them with their mission.

In the meantime, I am making plans for Giving Tuesday. I have several charities that I will be giving to at the end of this year. I’ll start volunteering with the Red Cross on Wednesday. What will you be doing?

If you want some tips about how to give wisely on Tuesday, check out Charity Navigator’s page on Giving Tuesday. Otherwise, think and pray about what you can do to give on Tuesday and in the new year.

God bless!


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