Four Best Sites to Tackle Issues That Pull at YOUR Heart

During this time of new year’s resolutions, people look inward to discover what it is they would like to change about themselves and their lives. It’s a wonderfully revolutionary time that can mean goal setting and real change throughout a new year. Unfortunately, often people don’t have resources to support their goals which causes them to falter and fall away from their lofty intentions. 

For those of you that want to do more to change the world in the new year, I’m going to provide support for you. Throughout the year, I’ll give you ways to help nonprofits, find volunteering opportunities and take small actions that can make a big difference.

In that spirit, I’m going to provide four great sites for getting more involved in 2012.  These sites have lots of resources for making a difference and are also organized to help you find the best cause for you. They also have something in common. They all offer petitions that you can support or places that you can start your own drive to change the world. gathers together petitions, volunteer opportunities, daily actions for change, news, and even a green job finder all in one place. You can also start a petition at the site and gather support for your own cause.  Care2 provides a gift guide with the kind of gifts that change the world and some daily deals that are ecofriendly and a bargain as well. It’s a great site to find out some of the issues that people are interested in and then do something about the ones that call to your own heart.

Already know what issue is your hot button? Then check out It has thousands of petitions on civil and human rights, the economy and business, education, entertainment and media, the environment, government and politics, health, animal rights, criminal justice and more. Or, you can start your own.

Another benefit is that Petition Spot has joined with Heard about how the Bank of America $5 fee for debit card use got turned on its head? From a petition started through Another great thing about is that it has lists of victories from petition drives so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel when you have a cause you support.

GoPetition is another petition site that makes it easier to find a cause by providing 34 different categories of petitions. It also separates petitions by region and country, so if you are living in Germany, Australia or Israel you can see the petitions just for those countries. Another great feature of GoPetition is the link to YouTube videos explaining causes for which it has petitions. GoPetition offers Facebook networking with your petition also.  You can start a petition for free or pay for premium services.

So, whatever cause burns into your soul, be it a health issue, political movement or a belief in civil rights, you CAN find others who support the same cause, either through petitions already in play or by writing a new one and getting it out there.  Best of luck, everyone!


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