The Gift of Life

Everybody has their own way to make a difference in the world. Some have the time to volunteer a regular amount of time every week.  Others give regularly to their charity of choice. Still others raise money for sporting events in which they participate. Some spend time on the computer clicking for a cause or e-mentoring.

My husband and oldest sister donate in another way. They give blood to help save lives. January is National Blood Donor Month because during the winter people give blood less often. 

Yet the need does not go away during the winter months.  In fact the Red Cross reports that every two seconds in the United States, someone needs blood and 44,000 units of blood are needed every day.  One pint of blood can help save up to three lives. Here are 25 more quick facts about giving blood.

My husband has tons of t-shirts from all the blood drives he does. Donors can give every eight weeks. However, he sometimes travels to places that delay his opportunity to give.

I have always been queasy about giving blood, especially since I have deep veins and it usually takes a few “sticks” until they can find a good vein. So I don’t donate very often but I’m glad to know my husband and sister do.

You can find your community blood center through this link on America’s Blood Centers or find a blood drive near you through the American Red Cross’s search link. Just put in a zip code and get a list of the centers or blood drives closest to you.

Another way to help is to sponsor a blood drive through your work, church or other community entity.  The Red Cross makes it easy by providing flyers and posters for you in a coordinator’s toolkit.  You just promote the event and sign people up to give. 

The Red Cross also has an online store where up to 50 percent of the cost of an item goes to the mission of the Red Cross.  The store has everything from emergency preparedness items to t-shirts.

During National Blood Donor month, think about giving blood to save lives. One day, you might need another’s blood, too!Anne Sanders website


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