Custom Culture

Remember those cool surfer shoes Van’s made with the checkered design? Well, now you can make your own design and earn money for the art program at your school.

It’s called Van’s Custom Culture and it’s a nationwide contest where the first place winner gets $50,000 for its art program. Only schools can enter and each school can send in four pairs of shoes that its students design.

Fifty finalist schools go to the public vote and then surprise celebrity judges make the final determination of the winners from the top five finalists. The four runners up receive $4,000 for their school art programs as well.

Registration begins in January and the schools submit their designs February through April. The final event when the winners are announced is June 10 in New York City, where the finalists get a tour of art sites in the city before the main event.

School is winding up around the country now and I usually talk about treats for teachers to show them how you care in May. Well, some cash is a real treat for art teachers!

If you have artistic ability and are a student, check this out! God Bless and have a marvelous and safe Memorial Day, everyone!


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