RFL Niceville Here We Come!

Today is the day! My Relay for Life in Niceville, Florida. I haven’t spoken much about being on the steering committee for Relay this year because it’s just not as exciting as having your own team. I have been calling people, recruiting teams, setting up chairs at team meetings and helping to plan the event.

It’s not like planning events to fundraise. You don’t get to count the money at the end of the evening and know it’s going to fight cancer. Of course, everything you do on the steering committee helps the teams do their fundraising so it’s all important.

We have had rain in too many of our past Relays in Niceville I’m told and it looks like it might happen again. There’s a fifty percent chance of rain pretty much throughout the Relay. The skies have been cloudy but it hasn’t actually rained yet as I write this. I wish it would rain early and get it over with or hold off until Sunday. But we don’t know God’s plans.

I just know we have almost 50 teams and we are ready to roll! We’ve raised $71,000 so far but we are going to get a lot closer to $100,000.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. After Relay is over, I’m going to catch a few winks and then go to a friend’s book signing. Sunday is Mother’s Day so we’re going to take my husband’s mother out for lunch and then I’m delivering dinner to a friend who shattered her ankle and had two surgeries the last week to try and fix it.

I started a new job this week so I’m finding I have less time and am more tired! But I really do like the job so far, more on that later.

God Bless and have a great weekend!


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