Giving You the Best Ways to Help Others

It has been a year ago today since I last posted. In looking over my life at the top five things that have given me a feeling of accomplishment, this blog has to be one of them. I've been thinking about how I want to be remembered. I would love for one of the things for which I am remembered to be this blog and my Facebook moniker of Volunteer and Charity Guru.

So, I'm back! I'm still working fulltime and have other responsibilities, but I really missed talking about the awesome things anyone who wants to can do to help others. I never stopped doing things to help others, just writing about them here because I had a website and this blog and a busy life.

So, I was walking with my son last week and, of course, mapping the miles with the Charity Miles app so money would be given to a charity for my exercise, when I found a new way to give. It's a new app called Donate a Photo which is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. You upload a photo that you've taken, and choose a charity, they give a dollar to that charity. It's that easy. You can upload a photo a day.

Look for the app in your app store for your phone.

If you don't have a smartphone, then remember, there are lots of websites that give money for you. One I've mentioned before is Click to Give. It gives you six causes which get money if you simply look at their websites and click on a button. You can even get a daily email reminder to be sure to do your clicks each day.
I've found a new site that has even more opportunities to click to give. It's The Nonprofits. There are literally dozens of nonprofit websites where you can go and click on a button to have money given to the charity.

You may wonder how it works. It's through the magic of advertising that the money goes to the charities. An advertiser on the page pays for the charitable gift.

It's an easy way to help others at no cost to you, except a little time.

So, for the new year, think about what you want your legacy to be, how you want people to describe you now and when you're gone. Maybe you want people to think of you as a kind, compassionate, giving, generous person.

If so, then you're in the right place. I will be helping you find easy, fun and free ways to help others, but I also believe strongly that a commitment of time and money to a charity is worth the effort. So, do what you can!


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