Movies Against Cancer, Thanks to Jack

I am saddened to hear of David Bowie’s death. Above, nine-year-old Jack Churchman from Perth, Australia recreated one of his more well-known moments.

I heard about Jack because he’s collecting money for a cancer charity in western Australia. It started when he found out that some girls in his sister’s class at school had cancer. He decided to grow his hair and donate it.

He wanted to do more, so with his family’s help, he began copying famous scenes from movies. He posts them on his Facebook page-- Jacks Big Cut.

He will recreate a scene from a movie you request if you donate more than $5. He’s done at least a 100 scenes in movies so far and tries very hard to get them exactly right. If you go to his Facebook page, you can see they are excellent.

He asks people to like and share their favorite film scene, then donate on his fundraising page to a cancer charity in Australia.
If you’re not on Facebook, you can also go to his fundraising page to donate.

He does have a website, but it wasn’t working properly when I saw it. It’s Jack's Big Cut.

As of my last count, he had raised nearly $7,850 from a goal of $1,500. He has 1,408 followers on FB. You really should see his pictures.  

What a creative way to raise money! I had to share it. Just goes to show you what people will do to raise money to help others. God bless you, Jack and family!


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