Lottery Winnings

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Dreams of new houses, cars, trips and jewelry may have just begun dancing through your head. It’s a fun game to play. 

And of course, you would give some money to charity, too. 

I recently inherited some money and have both enjoyed the idea of giving some of it away and then have been stuck on where to give it, not because there aren’t enough worthy charities, but because there are so many. Truly, it hasn’t been that hard. I have given to several charities which I support regularly.

What about $40 million, what would you do with it? Fulfill your needs (and a few wants), help out your family and then put some away for a rainy day? 

Or would you give it all away? If you’re Tom Crist you would. The Canadian lottery winner didn’t even tell his children he won for seven months. 

He had what he needed to live, to take care of his children, but what he didn’t have was his wife. She had died nearly two years earlier with cancer. 

So he decided he would put the $40 million in a trust for charities in her honor. His children agreed with him. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all do that? Take the extra we have and give it to charity?

That’s what we should do anyway.

For Christians, the Bible says we should give a tenth of what we make to God. It adds that we will be blessed from doing so. This is one of the reasons why the church you go to is so important. Will your funds be used wisely to help others? Going to a church that has a missions focus is essential for me. My last church had many missions and my new one since we’ve moved does as well.

But I do give to other charities as well. You know that I think we are all blessed when we give. It’s one of my favorite sayings, that when we give, we actually get more back.

So, think about it. What would you do if you won the lottery?


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