Top 10 Last Minute Charitable Christmas Gifts

With only five days to go, Christmas is getting closer but it's not too late to do something to make a difference this holiday. The unique gift items below can be given with the best intentions—to help others. You can send the notice of the present by email or in many cases, you can print out your own card to hand to your friend or family member. 


1.       Spend $25 or more to free forced labor slaves with International Justice Mission.

2.      A sheep from Heifer International - A share is $10 while a whole sheep is $120. Heifer provides all kinds of animals from chicks to water buffalo to families that can use them to generate income and useful resources for the family.

3.      A chicken from Mercy Corps International - for $35, it provides eggs and future hatchlings as well.

4.      A water purifier from Oxfam American Unwrapped - for $35 you can provide a water purifier for one of the more than one billion people who do not have access to clean water.

5.      Mosquito Nets for a family from Plan International - for $50 you can save a family of seven from mosquito-transmitted malaria, the number one killer of children under five all over Africa.

6.      Shelter in refugee camps from International Rescue Committee - $54 provide sets of rope and durable plastic sheeting to help four families construct temporary shelters in refugee camps, keeping them safe from the elements.

7.      Books for children from Trees for Life International - from $5 to $100 you can provide 1 to 20 books for children in their native language.

8.     Small business loan from World Vision International - for $100 you can help an impoverished woman start or expand her business so she can feed, clothe and educate her children. The loans are repaid and then used to provide new loans to others.

9.      Give food for a year to a child so he or she can stay in school for $50 through World Food Programme.

10.  Good Card (any amount) - If you can't decide what to get, then let the recipient decide. You pay for the value on the card and the recipient chooses a charity to which it will be donated.


Happy last minute shopping!


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